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Helping moms to thrive in motherhood. 

Hi, I'm Rachel...

I am a certified Baby Sleep Consultant who wants to help families get more sleep in a holistic approach. After my experience with postpartum depression and a not so great experience sleep training my own daughter, I have developed a passion to help mamas gain their confidence back with their little ones.
There is a lot of misinformation out there about what normal infant sleep should look like. It can be really confusing when there are a hundred different opinions out there about how to approach your parenting. 

I have a drive to normalize biological infant sleep, and help make this confusing world seem a bit less confusing. You shouldn't have to question yourself as a parent. 

My approach to infant sleep is responsive, rooted in attachment based practices, and looks at the entire picture. There is so much more to sleep than meets the eye. 

My passion goes deeper into helping moms learn practical ways to thrive in motherhood from nutrition, health, homemaking, and parenting littles. Let's make motherhood a place where we can thrive intead of just survive. 

Sleeping Baby

"Unconditional parental love is the the indespensible nutrient for the child's health and emotional growth." - Gordon Neufeld 

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I know not everyone is able to afford 1:1 support so I have come up with guides to give you all the pieces to work through sleep challenges on your own! 


What Clients are Saying... 

"Rachel exceeded my expectations. I felt very out of control with my son's sleeping patterns but her guidance helped me gain the confidence I needed to find a better way to handle his sleep needs."

Rosa C.