My Approach for Infant Sleep

I believe that children know how to sleep, and want to sleep, but it's our job to create the proper conditions for this to happen. I do not believe in cookie cutter programs, and will create a plan based specifically on your family's individual goals. My approach does not use any form of sleep training, but instead looks at sleep from a holistic perspective to find the root cause of your challenges.  I take into account your child's unique temperament, attachment needs, sleep needs, lifestyle, and sensory needs as we implement changes. I believe in understanding whats biologically normal for infants/toddlers and working to change things based on that knowledge. 

My Story 

When my daughter was born I suffered with perinatal mood disorders. Having a baby was a major shock to my system. The only way she would fall asleep is if I bounced on a yoga ball in a dark room. If... and thats a big if,  I was able to lay her down she would only sleep for 30 mins. I constantly wondered what I was doing wrong. Little did I know, this was completely normal. After a few months of this, I developed severe back pain, and anxiety about her sleep. I decided sleep training was my only choice. It was a horrible experience for me and my daughter, but I stuck with it because I knew something needed to change. To my surprise, sleep training didn't improve her sleep. Her naps were still short for many months, and she still woke just as often overnight.  Around 6 months I had to re-sleep train due to teething. Hearing my baby cry tore my heart to pieces. I had very little confidence in myself as a mom, and was constantly second guessing if I should just give up. After the first night I had enough and scooped her up into my arms. 

I started looking for other options on how to approach sleep. Surely sleep training wasn't the only way. I found a few accounts online that I really resonated with, and not too long after I found the Baby-Led Sleep approach. I immediately signed up for the course. I learned about normal biological infant sleep which allowed me to view my daughter's sleep in a whole new perspective. My confidence grew, and I became passionate about helping other moms feel the same. I also found a whole new passion for postpartum mothers, and wanting to support them during this sensitive time. My goal is to help give you the information you need to make confident decisions on your parenting journey, feel a deeper connection with your little one, and get better sleep! 

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My Credentials: I am a Babyled Sleep and Well-being specialist through the Isla-Grace sleep program.