So you need some extra support? My guides are designed to help you troubleshoot your own sleep challenges, and take things at your own pace

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Encouraging Crib Sleep E-Book $10- Struggling to get your baby to sleep in a crib? This guide walks you through how to lay your baby down, what to do if they wake up, and how to get them comfortable in the crib all in a gentle and responsive way. 

All About Wake Windows and Schedules: Learn how to determine your baby's natural daily rhythm. In this guide you will learn:

- What wake windows are and How to use them

- How to log and analyze your baby's sleep patterns

- Sleep Totals

- Sleepy Cues 

- Undertired vs. Overtired 

- All About Naps

- Split Nights 

- Early Mornings 

Nap Transitions Guide - Your FREE guide to help navigate each nap transition as your baby grows