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Ready to achieve better sleep for the whole family, while being responsive to your little one? No cry it out, or seperation based techiniques necessary. Check out my 1:1 services to understand your baby's sleep on a deeper level. 


Did you know I offer a free 15 minute discovery call? This allows us to decide which service is best for your situation, and also make sure we are a good fit for each other. 

Email Consult $50

This consult is perfect if you have one or two questions you would like to ask about your little ones sleep. I can help to offer personalized suggestions and troubleshoot your challenges.

  •  Analysis of your Intake form 

  • Email with suggestions to help tackle your challenges and my analysis of how your little one is sleeping 

  • 3 email follow-ups to ask any further questions during the two weeks following the initial consult 

  • Handouts/Videos/Articles that pertain to your situation. 

Phone Consult $100

This is a 60 minute call for me to help you troubleshoot any challenge you may be having with your little one. Have a nap transition question? Early morning wakes? Are you pregnant and want to learn about what to expect in the newborn stage? Want to just pick my brain about something? Schedule a call. 

  • Analysis of your Intake form

  • 60 minute phone call 

  • Plan to help you move forward

  • 1 email follow-up to clarify what was dicussed in the call 

Full Package (2 weeks of support) $300

This package is perfect for those who are really struggling with their little one's sleep. You can't seem to pinpoint what's going on and you need to make some changes. Want to night wean? Move from bedsharing to the crib? This is for you! 

  • In-depth Analysis of Intake form 

  • 60-90 Minute Sleep Education call to go over your intake form 

  • 30 Minute phone call after the first week to re-group, and fully discuss how you feel things are going. 

  • Science-based infant sleep education, discussion about attachment, and what is biologically normal for your child.

  • Personalized Sleep Plan for your family's goals. 

  • 2 weeks of unlimited email support 

  • The utilization of a log to track sleeping patterns 

  • Handouts, articles, and videos that pertain to your unique situation. 

Don't think 1:1 support is for you? Check out my downloadable guides 

I understand not everyone is able to afford 1:1 help, or simply don't think it's the best fit. That's why I've created online guides to help you through whatever sleep challenges you face.

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When our children aren't sleeping it can affect the whole family. I promise your child is not a "bad" sleeper. There is so much that goes into sleep. Let me help you!